Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why Massage Therapy is Needed like Art in our Society (by Irma Romano)

Somehow in our society when our children say they want to become an actor or a musician most parents fringe at the thought. “You want to become what?” the images of poverty, hardship, and not taken seriously by the public as a whole is the background noise going through the parent’s mind. Imagine just for a second countries without art like a Picasso or museums, theater, music that we hear on the radio or a live show. What would the world look like, feel like without artists? They are very much needed and they feed our souls. They are not less than or not needed. How many of you have seen the ballet or an opera and cried or felt changed afterwards? 

The same is true for the massage therapy profession. “You want to do what?” images of underground parlors and not being taken seriously by the general public comes to mind as well by many.  Reiki and energy work that whoowhoo stuff so flaky etc.…  

Imagine for a minute a planet without body work, massage therapy and healing or holistic thinking of the body and mind of our environment. Did you know that during 911 hundreds of massage therapists traveled to the city to help heal in the crisis?

The Salvation Army, American Red Cross, firefighters, FBI agents and others accepted the healing gift of massage therapists with open arms. Grown men grieved in the arms of massage therapists and their healing hands where felt beyond body beyond the manifested and spoken word. Remember that next time you have a conditioned response to what a person does for a living or an idea of what it is the truth of what they actually do goes beyond your judgment of it and most of the time it is much needed like the air you breathe and food you eat. 

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