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Interview with A Match For The Curious Band

My daily discipline of committing to my spiritual exercises sometimes include acknowledging my shadow self the part of ourselves that we stuff down to resist in essence the truth. This exercise if you will entails putting on some of the loudest in your face kind of music crossing over to the dark side allowing it to bring me closer to my emotions and the part of myself that I know we can embrace because they are part of ourmakeup, also because if one doesn’t allow the monsters out to play eventually they have a way of sneaking up in a way that is not always so predictable or endearing.   Two sides of the same coin light and dark life and death, ying and yang both are part of the whole universal cosmic dance. 

Since it has been an unusually synchronistic mysterious year so far I ended up not only listening to loud music but spending an evening with A Match For The Curious an alternative rock band out of Toronto, just me and four talented musicians that have emerged out of the music scene and taken us by surprise with their vocals, raw energy, and chemistry. 

Over the years I have coincidently met talented musicians from many genres and walks of life. Without art, music, and the other art forms our planet would lack mystery, depth, and beauty.  For me it is as important as breathing in air and drinking water. Inspiration comes in all packages and I can’t deny my love of music and the talent behind the scene creating it.It brings communities together, and there is an exchange of energy between musician and audience big or small the transfer is always present and powerful.

Creating a band like A Match For The Curious is no easy task and only a few lucky bands can say they have the flow and brotherhood that this band has. Ask bass player Robin Dworakhow the band came together in the first place? What was the motivation behind the creation? This is the answer you will get.

How long have you been playing together? How did you all decide that you wanted to form this band? 
We just recently got back together after a brief break, but have been playing together since 2008. Steve the guitar player and Brandon the vocalist started the band and asked me to join. We have an amazing chemistry that I have never felt with any other musicians. Our writing just seems to flow out of us. I think that one of the hardest things for bands is to actually get along.

Was being a bass player something that you always had a passion for?
It's a funny story. I have always loved music so when I decided that I wanted to persue music I went to buy my first instrument. I didn't know if I wanted to play guitar or bass. Having never played either before I went into Cosmo Music and picked up the guitar but it felt like I was gonna break it. So I ended up buying a bass. Funny how things happen

I envy people who can sing and have great vocal range that is an instrument on its own. Screaming is so primal even if we cannot all sing we should at least try to scream when we can. In heavy metal the screaming and is there to invoke anything in particular? 
Screaming is an outlet that to me is sometimes even more necessary than singing. Screaming is a way of enhancing an emotion, bringing it even closer to the surface

To inspire through strong lyrics, music sounds, your image that you portray, what are you trying to evoke in your audience and why? 
I don't think we try and force out something that isn't natural to us, we just write what is in our hearts. And because of that, I think a lot of people relate to our lyrics and music and really enjoy listening to our songs.

Do you all have a hand at writing? What is a typical rehearsal like and how do you create your music?
Ya definitely, we all come up with different ideas, some good some bad and we go from there. Most of the lyrics are written by Brandon and I think it's important for the singer to have a real connection with what he is singing about. 

What is the space like in the creative process?
We usually start practices off by either warming up with a set of our completed songs, or running through a few of our songs in progress. From there depending on how the vibe is in the room we will either bring forward brand new material or work on the unfinished songs. The studio can definitely get pretty intense when new songs are being written, although we all work very well together and know what buttons not to push.

Sometimes I find that you can’t force things to come out. They come when they want to. Can you relate to that statement?
Absolutely, you definitely can't force a song out, and if you do it will end up sounding that way. Sometimes songs are written in 5min other times it takes months. But however long it takes it takes.

Where do you find your inspiration to write the way you do?
Depends, I usually find inspiration from what is happening at the time in my life. Sometimes I will put on my IPod and listen to some of my favorite albums and get inspiration that way as well. A lot of the time it is a feeling I am having or the type of mood I am in

Are you observers of life noticing the way people do things, a moment or emotion in time?
We all observe and grow throughout life. There are always those key moments in one’s life that will always hit home, whether it be something to cherish or something to learn from. I think all the elements within music are essential, I guess it depends on how you want to take the music in. For me, I feel that the music plays the most important role. A song can have no lyrics whatsoever and still make a person cry, smile, or laugh. Lyrics are just a bonus if written well. It’s all about mood within a song. People connect with emotion, bottom line, so if you strike that chord with you and your audience, that's all that counts

For you Robin what is your strong suit? the music, sound, or lyrics. What is more important? 
When I’m on stage I feel like I can play a character, I can be someone else for an hour, and I do it very well. I also take pride in being able to keep things calm when it comes to band business.

I think the music and lyrics are the most important thing. If you don't have great lyrics the music won't follow and vice-versa. If you can play a song with just vocals and acoustic guitar and it sounds good, then you have a good song. The overall sound is one of the last steps in the writing process in my mind.

I find most band have a statement whether it’s political, environmental, something that they want to change in the world. Is that true for A Match for the Curious?
When it comes to our music we are not thinking about making any political, environmental or world changing statements. We aim to create something that anyone can relate to. If a fan listens to something and can relate it to their political, environmental views, or some change that they would like to see in the world, then we've done our job. We want our music to be multifaceted, because every listener is unique

What should we be curious about? 
In our world curiosity never killed the cat. The mixture of our personalities, influences and experiences leads us down a new path every time we sit down to create. We are hoping to inspire our listeners and ignite in them a thirst for seeking out more than what is on the surface. 

If we are “Curious” enough how can we listen to you live. Is there a tour, a gig coming up?
We are currently working on our comeback show. It will be at a great venue calle lee's Palace in Toronto, On on Fri Aug 31stand of course you can check out all our interviews, pics, videos and music on these websites! this is our official website

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