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A Conversation with Irma Romano (Author of “A Journey In Massage”) on Before It's News

Here's an recent interview done by Juno Cristi 

A Conversation with Irma Romano (Author of “A Journey In Massage”)

Irma Romano is a Registered Massage Therapist who has worked in the profession in Canada for the last six years. She grew up in Lyons France and now resides in Toronto and has created with the hope of making massage therapy a profession that nourishes the therapist as well as the client. Irma spends her time writing researching, and interviewing healers and experts in the field of healing, body work, entertainment and travel.

Tell me, what’s new about Irma. Who is Irma right now at this very moment?
It’s been a whirlwind in 2012 for me. I started interviewing for my new blog massage planet news early in the spring, became a published author, and started a new temp agency for massage therapists in the span of 7 months. Right now Irma is taking it all in trying to slow down and absorb all this new energy. What is new about Irma is how she has stepped inside her own power, discovered who she really is, forgiven her past, and has become a voice an activist for healers in the world. At this very moment I feel like Irma is also a light worker who has finally come to this conclusion and has nowhere to hide peeling layers of an onion and getting to her core.

You have a new book coming out. Tell me, in a nutshell, what prompted you to write this book?
My New book is out A Journey In Massage which I started to write a summer ago while I was working in Muskoka. In a nutshell the book is a voice for all massage therapists so that the profession can grow into what it is really meant to become. With dignity and respect I show the public what pitfalls to avoid and what massage can really do for them if they choose wisely. For the next generation of massage therapists I take off any rose colored glasses they might have and give them a reality check.

Who are you helping with this book?
This book is really looking after the public all over the world. This book was written with you in mind and then the students, we are all connected and so this book also affects healers, energy workers, so that we can take a glance through the lens of a massage therapist’s experiences and go behind the scenes where the public generally never ventures.

What’s the next 3-5 months going to be like for you? 
The next three to five months are going to be extremely exciting. I am working with Jackie Mckay a marketing genius and a holistic practioner to take a trip within myself and clear a path to my ultimate journey with healing and enjoying my life to the fullest. She has a website called Healers who Prosper and guides any holistic oriented individual into a sound practice using spiritual guidelines and practical ones as well. It’s a perfect combination for me at this time. It is a bit of a mystery what will take place in 5 months but I am learning to surrender and allow a divine power to lead me. I am learning to trust that all is taken care of and to get out of my own way.

Why should we buy this book?
You should buy this book if you want knowledge about massage therapy and what it can do for you but also it guides you into making the best choice possible for yourself. This book is full of warm filled poetry by a special writer and inspirational photos by a very talented artist from France. It makes a good coffee table book and it’s an easy read. It’s essentially a book from the heart.

What, can you say are your top accomplishments in life. Aspects of your life that you can really be proud of. Name 3.
My top accomplishments in life was first deciding to incarnate here at this time, choose my family of origin, and then fall on my face a few times so I could let the light of my consciousness through. I was sent in a coded fashion to heal as a light worker and be a voice of freedom. Healing myself was number one top priority, having empathy now for all living beings, sensing the energy I have running through me and now harnessing it in all that I do but what I am mostly.

Is there anything you still want to do that you haven’t done yet?
I would like to fall in love with my twin flame which is something I have never done. As the layers of the onion get peeled now I feel like this could happen at any time. I also see that using energy work will be a big part of my future which is the now.

If you can change one thing about the massage profession how would you change it?
If I could change the way we get paid and our work conditions I would feel a sense of accomplishment and able to move on to the next stages of my journey.

Your holiday plans. 
During the holidays I meditate and help with homeless organizations and try to spread love. I do not buy a single thing that is of material value. The best gift I can give the world and the people I love is a grounded Irma so you will not find me in a mall, or hosting a diner with people I do not really care for. I actually do a lot of reading and sitting still that time of year. If I am lucky I will be also attempting to travel.

Planning any more new books? 
My next book is already begun. It is called The Body Pantry. This book will be similar to a cookbook but for the body with receipts from head to toe and some spiritual quotes to go along with it. My ultimate project is called Project Gaia a documentary and book on true healing and an exploration of who we really are as humans and what we are really capable of doing. This project will take me across the globe on some exciting travel and explorations.

For more on Irma visit her website

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