Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Jessica Talks about her Body Work/ Jessages & Energy Healing

Massage Planet News has asked Jessica Schab to do a video that shows us the art of body work, healing, massage, from a gifted individual. I personally had the pleasure of receiving her energy directly back in May in Toronto where we met for the first time. After spending time with Jessica I realized that the gift we have as massage therapists can only be a deep experience when the giver and receiver are open for change. The effects I personally encountered by being in contact with Jessica lasted for months after or initial meeting. I wanted to share with you the other side of body work from Jessica’s perspective, someone who is a Reiki Master and has never taken a course. Where does her gift and ability to shift someone into a higher state of consciousness come from? This is what Jessica has to say about her gift and massage. As she travels the world and discovers different massage techniques, shamanism, and the power that lies in nature I am happy to introduce you to her and her wisdom.

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