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Who is Irma?
Irma Romano is a registered Massage Therapist who sold all her belongings to travel the world and bring inspiration to the planet with her writing and interviews on massage, healing, wellness, and travel. “Was it hard to give up all your things to follow your dream of becoming a writer and reporter?”, people often ask this vagabonding spirited therapist. The answer is easy for Irma.

“Not in the least the more things I gave away the more liberated I felt realizing that our attachments to things are temporary and that the real journey is always within. It was through my own personal life challenges that I searched for answers about real healing and I wanted to also help my clients reach an optimal state of wellness but also answer all of their questions often asked during a session. I don’t have all the answers but by bringing all the experts together we can achieve a greater understanding of what tools to use and make massage therapy the profession it really is by making the public aware of its potential as well as other types of body work and techniques. Every time I have an interview I walk away more expanded.

Wholeness is what most people strive to achieve. The Body, Mind and Soul are all connected. My own approach to healing is holistic. Illness can be seen as a strong message telling the person a change needs to happen.  To restore balance one needs to look at the entire person.

We can physically release stored emotion in the body with manual manipulation and deep tissue work, the soul can regain balance by working with the shadow self and re-programing the individual’s way of looking at life breaking negative patters, our inner being can be given proper nutrition to be able to function daily and raise our vibrational energy, the way a person thinks shapes the outer world and I like to observe science and quantum physics for answers as well.

The planet is an exciting place to explore and Irma has the curiosity and drive to bring these topics to the forefront.  An intuitive and creative individual Irma has helped many of her clients move towards greater understanding of their own journey and return to healing.

“I feel a great connection to planet earth and a deep respect for all living things. Our planet is striving for healing and so many of us are looking for answers at this time which I feel are the most exciting time to be alive. “You can follow Irma on her two year tour as she uncovers the mysteries behind real change. We look forward to having you on this magical planetary adventure.

(View her recent interview on Soulspeak.)

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