Friday, November 16, 2012


If you’re gifted, once people are on your table, it’s important that you work to get them to that table.  If you’re good, they’ll come back, so how do you get more of them there?  That’s the $64,000 question that many massage therapists ask me in CE workshops and private coaching sessions.  There are many ways to do that.  I’ll describe one in this column. It’s particularly useful for anyone new to an area, who’s just added a new modality, or for any practice that’s added a new therapist.

You’ve no doubt seen restaurants and retail stores in their first few weeks--grand opening signs are still up, bunting is still present, and introductory prices are often available.  Massage therapists can profit from similar introductory prices. Who can resist a $60 massage marked down to $30, or even $20?  Sure, you might attract bargain hunters lured by a cut-rate massage, but chances are good you’ll attract many people who get massaged regularly, who’ll try you out because of the sale.  If they like you better than their current therapist, they may switch to you. You’ll also attract new people to massage, all of whom can become regular clients.  If you get a new client from this strategy, who sees you once a month for three years, that client will be worth nearly $2,200—and that doesn’t include the clients she refers to you. If you could get $2,200 in business by investing just $30 (the discount for an introductory session), wouldn’t you be willing to do it?

So what’s stopping you?

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