Friday, August 3, 2012

The Five Dollar Massage (by Irma Romano)

Two days ago I went to Toronto on the Danforth to do an interview for Massage Planet News and a three hour photo shoot with a local rock band. I also started promoting a new spa Rayne Spa which is only three months old. Tucked in and not always so obvious to passer-by and under new ownership made it quite a challenge in terms of shouting out to the neighborhood that we were new and open.

I took matters into my own hands sort of speak and decided I was going to advertise 5 dollar back massages for twenty minutes 11 massages later I had sparked an interest in the spa and generated bookings for the following week. 

What I learned in that moment was that if you are not afraid to give of your energy, time, and care you will create clients long term. I also walked from store to store telling them about us and what we did. Don’t forget to come by for our Wednesday special. Some people had to come inside to ask questions just because they were in total disbelief of the price and service. My Starbucks coffee costs more than a twenty minute back rub. 

So don’t be afraid to introduce yourself, be creative with your space and do something that on one else is. Add a lot of love to what you do, be generous and give your time you will see that the Universe will not forget about you when you live in gratitude and presence. 

Running a business takes time to grow but people feel weather you really mean it and that you have their best interest at heart. They will want to support you and this will build a loyal customer base. 

The last two days has taught me what service is really about and that as long as I give with no fear or wanting something in return.  I will never have to worry about how the story ends. If you have a chair massage go out into your community and test it out. I would love to hear about how it worked for you. The 5 dollar massage can become a diamond in the rough. 

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