Monday, July 23, 2012

Interview With Denis Chagnon, Cancer Survivor

Denis Chagnon is a retired police officer from Val des Monts,  Quebec. In 1996 Denis was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given three weeks to live. After refusing chemotherapy and pain medication Denis decided to place his hands on his body and healed himself spontaneously. This is where his journey into energy healing began and his ability to channel energy to heal others. 

Denis can you tell us what that moment felt like when you placed your hands on your body and what you were experiencing? Was there heat, relief of body pain, vibrational energy? 
 I initially placed my hands on my body for comfort as the pain was so strong and instantly I felt an intense heat as my pain dissipated. I then started to experiment with the energy by pulling my hands away from my body and the pain would return although with less intensity. When I placed my hands back I would again feel the heat and the pain would subside. This was my first conscious interaction with energy work. 

Were you surprised at that you recovered by your own energy channeling? How long was this time period? I was more curious than surprised by this and felt intrigued to work more with this new energy. I was so excited to test it out that I began to call my friends and ask them to let me place my hands on their bodies to feel their energy. By doing this I learned that everyone's energy is different in that the energy blocks manifest in different areas of the body. 

What did you learn about yourself and how the cancer begins to manifest itself in your body? What did it teach you about how illness begins into the human physical plane.. For you does it all start at a soul level, thought forms that are negative, and fear or worry making our bodies weak and prone to cancer or any illness? 
I learned that we all have a soul and that when you are not in sinc with your soul's desire it will send you messages. If you are unable to hear the messages it is sending you it will eventually get your attention by making you physically ill. In my case my soul was letting me know that I must change my life path to allow my soul to grow as it was becoming stagnant. I believe that everything begins at the soul level and that our soul utilizes this body to experience emotions that create a vibration, (positive and negative), and that we have 10 to 15 emotions or vibrations that we will repeat for our entire lives until we are able to master each one. When you are able to master all of them you will grow very quickly and your life will become very pleasurable. 

When you are channeling energy to heal someone can you sense what the root cause is in the individual? If so what does it mean to be grounded how can we become more grounded and less fearful or negative in our emotions or way of thinking? 
When I am channeling energy I am amplifying the person's energy so that I am able to see where the blockages are within the energy body. I am then able, with the permission of the soul, to assist the person to ground their own energy. I share the information that I receive with the person and provide them with homework so that they can continue to transform the energy blockage to a positive energy and become grounded. Being grounded means to process all of the energy within the chakra's in particular the base chakra must be grounded. We all have positive and negative emotions which we must experience to make the soul grow. After my 18 years of practice it has become apparent to me that there is a 3 step process we must go through in order to process emotions. Step 1; when I feel an emotional charge I acknowledge this emotion by feeling it full for a full minute and a half. This might seem very short however often in life we get stuck in an emotion for hours, days, weeks or even years therefore the goal is to decrease this time until we are able to process an emotion within a minute and a half. Step 2; I then bring the emotion to the heart where I send love to the situation or event that has caused the emotional charge.This love will reduce the fear and anger attached to the emotions and if I am able to find the humor in the situation this will help even more. Step 3; I then bring the energy to the root chakra and Hara. I like to think of this as taking the emotional energy to the factory, (the base chakra), where it is processed from a lower vibration, (fear or anger), to a higher vibration, (love), which is the finished product. 

Would you say then that lets say repressed anger can cause ulcers or hate can cause something else in the body and repressed emotions a dysfunction in the thyroid? 
Yes repressed anger can cause all kinds of blockages within the physical body and each person will manifest the resulting illness in their own way. Some individuals might develop ulcers, mental illnesses or cancer like I did. 

Is there anything that we can do to heal ourselves and help ourselves live happier more positive lives in health and wellness? What would you tell someone who is facing a diagnosis of cancer or terminal illness? What is our advice to that person? 
I believe that the best way to heal ourselves and live happy and more positive lives is to follow the three step process I described for transforming our emotions. This makes our soul happy and if our soul is happy we are happy. I would tell anyone who is facing a diagnosis of cancer or a terminal illness to never give up because as long as we are still breathing there is still hope. If I had listened to the doctors and believed that I was terminal I would not be here today. 

Having assisted individuals that are terminal leave the earth plane what happens at the time of passing? Any changes the energy in the room or person ready to pass on to the next stage?  
In assisting people with a terminal illness to leave the earth plane I have noted that their energy changes at the solar plexus it moves up and away from the body and it is no longer connected in the two lower chakras. The energy starts very lightly and continues to grow in its intensity activating the transition of the soul from the physical plane. When this occurs I am able to feel the presence of higher vibrations which have come to assist the soul in its transition from this plane. 

How has tapping into this energy changed your life and how are you continuing to change the lives of others with your gift? 
Tapping into this energy has changed my life in so many positive ways as it has saved my life and changed its course completely. I now dedicate myself to helping others to connect with their soul and transform their emotions so they too can heal their physical and emotional bodies. Once you learn to live in harmony with your soul energy you will never go back as life becomes so full of joy. I look forward to every new day and whatever the universe has to present to me. 

Tell us about your workshops and where we can contact you and join in to learn more about what you do and have a one on one consultation with you? 
To learn more about my workshops or to have a one to one consultation with me I invite you to go to Google my website @ Thank you for your gift and wisdom we looking forward to your continued healing and workshops here in Toronto and in Quebec. Mercie.

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  1. I would tell anyone who is facing a diagnosis of cancer or a terminal illness to never give up because as long as we are still breathing there is still hope. If I had listened to the doctors and believed that I was terminal I would not be here today. Read more