Thursday, August 30, 2012

Massage Planet News by Irma Romano

Photo by Florent Courty

It has been five months in the making of Massage Planet News. My quest to find healers, body workers, and explore massage therapy techniques as well as modalities has expanded my mind and life in a way that I could never have foreseen.  Since then I have been interviewed on SoulSpeak and will be featured on Organic Soul.   My exploration has naturally evolved into the metaphysics and the deeper levels of true healing, looking at it not through my own eyes but the eyes of other talented and gifted individuals who have shared with us all their wisdom and gift of healing. My question is “How do we bring healing to our planet through touch and other holistic measures?” For me the journey began when mainstream medicine left me disappointed and my six years as a massage therapist had burnt me out physically and emotionally because I was allowing myself to be used as a means to an end in a commercial world that had no concern for real healing but rather was being motivated by the might dollar.  I had to step outside the realms of flesh and bones and into other dimensions and look at the bigger picture in order to answer my own questions.
If you’re a student studying massage therapy I can tell you from my own experience that massage therapy is much more than allowing yourself to work in a spa or clinic. In that environment you will only evolve so much competing with others for the same position and pay rate. Get a passport and use your hands to travel the world. This will allow your mind and energy to expand as you experience other ways of living, food, culture, and body work. Be creative with yourself. Write, blog, share your gift. It is the ones that share themselves with others that grow. One door opens and then another one connecting you to a world that the mind alone can never fully conceive. That is how you carve a life for yourself.

Do not make money your focus rather use it as a tool. As my friend Jessica Schab would say in her interview with Massage Planet News. If you allow money to come first you allow fear of survival to enter your realm of reality and greatly compromise your ability to heal. Static goals such as becoming famous in what you are doing or being a millionaire reduces your power to create. Instead come from a space that includes others and inspires than the details will take care of it- self. There is a greater intelligence that operates through our doing far greater than the human mind is capable of understanding. Allow it to manifest your life and step out of the way.

I was told before I began creating Massage Planet News that I needed to be Realistic and Responsible. Look around you at the people who are being both of those things. Are they experiencing joy in their life? Ask yourself more powerful questions such as “What will my life look like in ten years if I only do what is expected of me?” Don’t carry a bag of regrets in pursuit to happiness, someone else’s ideas of responsible and practical is just that. Rather look for inspiration in individual who are already living in a way that you would like for yourself. We are so much more than what is expected of us to be fitted into someone ideologies and standards. We are more than mere robots to be stuck into a box with a label so that someone else can feel comfortable about where to place you. What is success? For some it’s to have a bank account full of money so that they can start living their lives someday. For others the journey is going inside and seeing that everything they need is already there.

What is next for Massage Planet News? This journey has allowed me to write a book that will be published this fall. I have discovered that I like to story tell and explore. In order to do that I have sold all my belongings and reduced my load into three pairs of shoes and one suitcase. What I have gained in return is a wealth of information spiritually and countless of connections to people of the same resonance and heart as myself. I allow myself to travel by prioritizing my expenses or rather by living within my means so that I can finance my ventures. There are many ways to travel on a budget for more information I recommend reading The Four Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris. My next step will be creating a documentary called Project Gaia where the whole spectrum of healing will be explored on film. In the meantime stay tuned for more interviews on be well, Namaste.
Irma Romano

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