Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Abundance (by Irma Romano)

Abundance and lack is created by the mind. Whatever you think that the world is holding back from you is what you are holding back from the world. Recognition, love, assistance is lacking in your life when you feel too small and think you have nothing to give the world.

Give what you would like to have in your life. Praise, smile, assistance, love, and to be appreciated, when you start giving you will start receiving and you will not get what you do not have. Everything you need is already in you.
The source of abundance is not outside but inside. It is who you are. You also do not need to have things to give. A simple act of kindness is abundance and will be felt in more ways than you can ever imagine. MY LIFE is a situation LIFE is what you are. If success in the world gives you stress, pollutes the earth, and exploits others you’re striving to get somewhere in an illusion of the future is pointless.

What the future has in store for you depends on your state of alertness and consciousness now. Our commercial material world would stop existing today if everyone woke up now. You will not be happy or find peace in things. It gives you pleasure now but will sooner or later also give you pain. Having a THING that the world deems as important like a brand name piece of clothing or mansion does not add value to you as a person. If everyone had a mansion you would need to live in a tent to feel superior to others. Enjoy the limited things of this world if you want to but realize that they are not forever and will not give you happiness or joy only knowing your true self will.

Whatever you DO bring you full presence and BEING into it. Be grateful for your life, the sunshine, nature, your expression that you are in this life. That is called Abundance.

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