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Massage Therapy and Addictions by Irma Romano

There are many types of addictions:

Smoking… etc

The one addiction that binds all the addictions together is THINKING. Observe how your mind works every day of your life and you will see that your thoughts are either in the past or future. Complaining, labelling, criticising, judging, and feeling unworthy. This is the noise the broken record that most of us hear in our head all the time until we go to bed.

This type of past and future mind noise acts like a thief, it take away your vital life force energy and you live life as if you have never existed because you are never present. The only reality anyone of us has is right now in front of you. This unconsciousness that we live by is handed down from generation to generation and has created the planet as you see it today. When you are busy talking in your head all the time you take up all of your energy and allow illness to sneak in.

Did you actually stop today in stillness and quietude to look at a flower? Did you notice the smell, texture, colors of your environment? Are you present in your daily life fully feeling it not thinking it? Negativity is not NORMAL and drama is not required at all and can be erased from your life for good if you choose to do so. It is possible to live a life of joy, peace, and stillness all of the time. Our attachment to form the outer world and our identification with our physical bodies and names culture, and beliefs closes the doorway to our inner beings. The true and only path to real lasting joy and peace is going within ourselves and finding source at the doorstep. Why is the Western Civilization which is the richest on the planet the most unhappy? The most prone to addictions to drugs and alcohol?  Where there is deep unconsciousness there is a wanting to seek out pleasures in the world. What gives pleasure one moment will bring you pain the next day. Nothing lasts the world of form. You can be extremely abundant financially and this gives you the ability to be dysfunctional in a more luxurious surrounding. Lasting happiness is not another person, wealth, a tittle, etc.. It is knowing your authentic self and inner being.

To start on a path of liberation from addictions try forgiveness of others who you feel have wronged you and of yourself. It doesn’t mean you should be friends with the people that have hurt you but you let go of the hatred and replaying the trauma in your head daily and living in the past. What doesn’t serve you any longer needs to be let go. Meditation is also a practice to take you within. You can try shutting off your mind to get to the inner you and start feeling your body and noticing life around you by being more here. Take 100 percent responsibility for your life and inner peace. Stop pointing the finger blaming your parents, and your past relationships, playing the role of a victim. You cannot have an authentic life and a happy life if you do not take charge of what is.   When you become more conscious and awake your energy will rise and you will also affect the lives of others around you. You will stop creating suffering for yourself and everyone else. During recovery use massage therapy to help you stop cravings.

Massage will help you reconnect mind and body and release your own happy hormones into your blood stream. (More on the topic to come this month.)

You can have a clear mind and drama free existence while serving a deeper purpose. The choice is yours to make. The rewards are many and when you stop the incisive noise in your head that tells you that you are not worthy let it pass and slowly you will see your cravings and addictions also dissolve when you shine your light of BEing into it.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

How to be Healers, by Anita Shamdasani Moorjani

"The patient needs to be encouraged to feel STRONG, and to know that they have the resources available within them to heal, and to stay healthy. It's not healthy for people to believe that their health is reliant on healers or doctors. So no matter what kind of healing work you do, whether medical or naturopathy or energy work, it's REALLY important to psychologically take the patient from the place.

(From a conversation with Anita Moorjani)

Interview with Jordan Walker

Who is Jordan Walker?
I am thankful for this interview firstly! Jordan is someone who allows God to live through Him. It has taken him a bit to dissolve in this. I enjoy life. It is a dance of the creator’s love. I am happy to be here now with you. 

Singer, songwriter, healer, traveler Jordan Walker is loving life and feels deeply connected to it all at a young age of twenty two. How did you get connected and so wise at such a young age? Where you always like this?
I believe it is not the age that counts. I think sincere longing, and openness to what is, and not what is not, just creates space. Peaceful space. Yes we are always that, it never goes anywhere, it’s a funny play of consciousness that makes us feel, think, and act, as if we don’t. Some people seem born with it, while some realize it on the death bed. Some find it in between. All fill in every path desired by the supreme one to realize itself. 

Can you explain why 'being' is more important for you than 'doing'? 
I don’t know if I should word it that way, cause I used to say it like that haha. I do believe being precedes doing, because the state of conscious awareness (being) is reflected in actions. It’s like the doing is the reflection in the mirror of the being. If your being is in its natural state (is at peace) and recognized as that you will have peace tattooed on all of your actions thoughts and words. It is more important in that way. Doing is also very great though because it is a wonderful tool to turn inward when you see that you are creating from a space that may not feel “right”. This inspires the ultimate investigation into the soul: “Where is this space? Who occupies it? Who am I?” Doing is very important in that way 

Tells us what healing means to you and how we can reach a state of balance when we are ill. What causes illness to manifest in the physical realm and how can we help others understand how the healing process begins. Any suggestions? 
Healing means self-discovery. When we discover who we are as love, and grace, we find a certain peace. Peace, healing, self-discovery all seem to be one. Illness becomes manifest as a mechanism to drive us into who we are. Sometimes the sick are more at peace than the well. They are open for love and kind. Sometimes the sick one is healthier than the well one. It’s all very beautiful because it is not about sickness or health. It is about love and this brings about a health beyond health. It begins with surrender to whatever extent possible.

What made you gravitate towards massage and bodywork early in life? How do you use it to help others? 
I remember when I was young I would massage my mother in order to have control of the television ha-ha : ). If I stopped she would change it to a channel I didn’t like! She later on suggested that I do it because it is a good profession and she felt I could do well in it. I kind of went into it for a job that paid well. Its one of those tricks the universe uses, where it gets you into the right thing for the wrong reason, so you will grow and mature into doing it for the right reasons. I use it to connect with people on a deeper level. I have used it to find myself and help others find themselves. 

When you are working on someone what is your approach before touching the person? What state of mind or no mind are you in? 
Each time I try to say a prayer, or remind myself of how sacred it is. It’s very much like a meditation. Each time I go in I strive to release any ideas I have that there is a therapist or a client. There is only one. There is no pressure to be healed, or heal. There is only love. Thoughts come but I begin to just let them pass. It’s very meditative. So I guess there is both a mind and no-mind! 

Are you looking at the client beyond the physical body? 
Yes, I even would go as far to say I can go into a state of non-looking. Not searching for health or disease or pain. Just seeing, Pure seeing. Even beyond the subtle body. I also use techniques that would work on both the physical and subtle body, but in the light of pure seeing.

What are your thoughts on modern medicine, alternative holistic healing?
I think both of them are divine expressions of consciousness. I believe when holistic healing and modern medicine become viewed as symbiotic and not oppositional, there will be a great understanding.

Are we going to move towards respecting the planet, the environment, what we eat? It seems like we create illness by following the masses on what is proper food? Drink Milk commercials? Do you think we will look back at this one day and say “What were the humans doing?” We made the might dollar come first for so long at the expense of the planet we live in. Who is going to save this world?
It is already happening. I think one day we will look back and say with a smile. We were perfect. It seems a lot of things have been projected on money. It neither has power, nor non-power. It like everything is one with the Supreme. 

Are you enjoying working with massage? Adding new modalities? Will massage Therapy move in a new direction in the following years? If so how do you see it progress? 
I’m sure it will! I enjoy refining my practice. I enjoy it very much. I’m open to learning from others as well as self-educating! Yee HAW! I will just observe its growth with love and see where it goes.

You like to travel. Where is your next stop? 
Maha Kumbh Mela in Feb 2013. I am setting an intention to be there. We shall see though. Sometimes the universe has something else that is tailor made for itself. 

I would like to leave our viewers with a song from your heart. Do you mind sharing a video of your music, your lyrics? 
Thank you Jordan for Being Love and touching us with your magnificence. 

THANK YOU Love and Blessings!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What is the Third Dimension? by Irma Romano

Recently I have had discussions with people about how the third dimension which is here on earth is shifting to the fourth and fifth. What is the third dimension most of you are asking? A dimension is not an object, place or thing or form. Dimensions are the state of consciousness and your vibrational resonance and frequency. The earth is resonating at the third dimension but that is now shifting. This will make many people very uncomfortable while others will shift easily into the higher vibrations.

In the Third Dimension we tend to be more rigid, have many inflexible rules and regulations which we have been living for millions of years. What rules our lives in the third dimension is the belief of linear time which structures our feeling, beliefs and emotions.

In the third dimension we live in the past or future reliving an experience over and over again which can only be lived in the now because that is where you focus your attention. As you move to higher dimensions the consciousness is higher and you experience different emotions, feelings, and actions. You also do not have choices in the lower dimensions because you react instead to a pattern of programing that is handed down to you so your emotions, feelings, and actions are driven by unconscious programming instead of choosing your life. Here we also learn to judge, right, wrong, good and bad. Fear is also in the driver’s seat.

The third dimension also uses the left side of the brain. Most of us only use 5 to 10 percent of the left hemisphere of the brain. The rest of our brain is what connects us to the higher dimensions. I know that some of you out there are already functioning in the fourth and fifth dimension and now that the Shift is happening the light energies that are present will begin to shift many of us into a higher consciousness.

Living in the fourth and higher dimensions will mean you only live your life in the present moment. It means making conscious choices instead of living a program. It is the earth’s evolutionary mission to have all the humans finally shift to the fifth dimension in our lifetime. This means you will not be playing with form as much like you did in the third. In the fifth dimension you will be creating with light and frequencies. Imagine the earth with no disharmonic thoughts such as fear, anxiety, boredom, guilt or anger.

As the Shift is already happening in many of you and the light energies are coming to clear you from your emotions and negative thoughts allow it to happen. We will still be playing in the world of form but the thoughts and programs that we are taught will disappear.

Thoughts have a magnetic field and light. Negative thoughts like feeling that you’re not good enough are harder to clear and deal with. As you open up your heart you can make decisions to have clear and happy thoughts instead which will raise your frequencies and light energy. In doing so you’re wellbeing will change and your illnesses which are often created in the light body and thought forms will shift too. Try only focusing in the present moment and see how your reality changes. See you in the fourth and fifth dimension.

- Irma

Monday, July 23, 2012

What To Expect When You Go To A Spa Or Wellness Center For Your First Massage by Irma Romano

Some protocols when going to get a massage. This is written here for you to enjoy your massage and have the best possible experience in a wellness center.

1. Try to avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry that may get in the way of your treatment. Necklesses, bracelettes, ect... some clients also forget or lose their jewlery when taking it off and leaving it in the treatment room.

2. Arrive 15 minute early to fill out our health history form. You should be on the table at the time of your treatment. Any delays will be taken off your treatment time.

3. Do not take your robe or clothes off in front of your massage therapist. Make sure they have left the room first. If you are in Canada or the USA this is required legally.

4. Tell your massage therapist what feels comfortable or what areas you would like them to spend most of the treatment time on. It is your time and you have the right to ask where you would like to be treated and what feels comfortable to you. Choose oil, lotion, what you prefer as well your therapist is there to accomadate you.

5. Speak up about the amount of pressure you can tolerate. Too soft, too hard. Let the therapist know what you can handle and what feels uncomfortable during the treatment.

6. Ask the spa or center that you want a registered massage therapist or licensed therapist for the United States. Someone who is trained and this will give you added protection in case you get injured during the treatment. As well you can have the massage covered under your insurance.

7. Leave your cell phone off. Chose a day that you do not need to do anything after your treatment and can relax. Leave the office at the office. This is your time to relax and enjoy.

8. Try not to worry about wearing make-up or messing up your hair if you can. A good massage is messy and you sould not have immediate plans right after.

9.  Do not come in for a massage while you are contagious and sick. Tell your therapist of any illnesses or injury prior to your treatment.

10. Be respectful of your massage therapist. Moaning or inapropriate behaviour can have you evicted from a spa as well as making out with your partner after a couples massage in the treatment room or in the waiting room. Remember you are not alone.

11. Make sure you drink lots of water after your treatment to flush any toxins that were released into your circulation after your massage.

Why Massage Therapists Need a Website and How to Go About Getting One by Mark Eckdahl

Topics Covered: 
Why should I have my own website? 
How much will it cost? 
Can I manage it myself? 
What decisions do I need to make to get started?

Why should I have my own website?
New patients will look up your website to see how good you are. If you have no website, they may not take your business seriously. Websites are great for providing contact information, directions to your location and procedures that you support. A website will both allow existing clients to learn more about your business and its changes, and also will help new client to get to know what to expect from your business.

How much will it cost?
There are a ton of options for who to use for hosting and registering a domain, however here is my recommendation: http://www.hostgator.com/ (Hatchling Plan) $67/yr. + $15 to register a domain = $82/ yr. Generally the annual hosting cost will be the largest expense.

Can I manage it myself?
Host Gator (recommended above) has a free easy website builder. A demo is available here (http://www.hostgator.com/shared) GoDaddy.com is another site to purchase your domain name (url) that you can also build your site through their add on service. Site Builder and WordPress are also both free tools to help you rapidly and easily design your own website.

Here are what is involved: First you choose a template that has similar layout, images and colors to what you want your website to look like. Then you change the content (text) in the website to relate to your own business. Typically there are also changes to the template you can make to further customize the look of the site to your own unique artistic style. Modifying these templates is very much like changing a template in Word, where the layout has been set for you and you are just changing the content. You can do it!

What decisions do I need to make to get started?

1. Domain name is important, here are some guidelines: Easy to say and remember Easy to spell Short is better than long Use short words that have only one way to spell them. For instance: MightyMasseuse.com is hard to spell and easy to confuse. StrongHands.com, however is easy to remember and spell!

2. Should I pay a web developer or do it myself? If you have more money than time, certainly pay someone, but be sure it is easy for you to modify, have them use a template based system like those listed above, even if it is not as fancy. (Avoid Flash sites, they are on the outs as iPhones don't support them). If you have more time available than money you want to spend, use a website builder and just fill in the content. You will see how easy it can be to design.

3. When should I get started? It will take some time to get the domain and hosting chosen and setup, so start immediately and figure it will take about a month before you are done tinkering with it and want to share it with your customers. If you have any questions relating to this article on starting a website, please post your questions in the "Ask the Expert" discusssion forum.

Best Luck getting started!

Mark Eckdahl,
Chief Evangelist and Site Architect at ScheduleMax Online Scheduling. (www.schedulemax.com) P.S. In future trainings I can show you how to boost your sales by adding scheduling to your business website, which is my specialty! Mark can be reached at: mark@schedulemax.com

 Article provided by: Irene Diamond (CEO & Founder at SuccessfulMassageTherapist.Org)

Gary Gurney Certified Rolfer - Video Demo of Rolfing

The Maritimes by Massage Planet News

Recently Massage Planet News was in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Canada to experience the unspoiled natural scenery going back in time. It felt like time had never evolved in some parts of this Maritime Province.

When driving through some small villages sometimes of 200 inhabitants one would only discover a few stores and at times we would drive for hours before seeing anyone. Some smaller communities will travel for over an hour to buy groceries and essentials.  Things that most of us take for granted.


 Most of them had been born and raised in these small communities and what seemed hard to us to understand was a way of life that they embraced and cherished. Snow, rain or sunshine nothing stops the people in the Maritimes from enjoying their lives fully and you will be greeted with warmth and hospitality. As many people would say the beauty of the mountains, ocean and wildlife is like no other. If you want to come here for a visit I suggest you come in July or August as the weather is cooler especially in Cape Breton where there are hills of high altitudes and ocean winds. You can enjoy activities here like whale watching, kayaking, hiking, fresh lobster off the boats caught that day, and the famous Cabot Trails. Check your local listings for spas and resorts.

 You don’t want to miss a stopover in Halifax the most populated city for its night life, citadel, and the ocean front shopping. If you come to the Maritimes you may also want to visit PEI driving on the confederation bridge which is over ten kilometers in distance from Nova Scotia, and St. John Newfoundland a twelve hour ferry ride from the province. Enjoy a summer of colourful homes, seafood, and spectacular organic unspoiled landscape.

Interview With Denis Chagnon, Cancer Survivor

Denis Chagnon is a retired police officer from Val des Monts,  Quebec. In 1996 Denis was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was given three weeks to live. After refusing chemotherapy and pain medication Denis decided to place his hands on his body and healed himself spontaneously. This is where his journey into energy healing began and his ability to channel energy to heal others. 

Denis can you tell us what that moment felt like when you placed your hands on your body and what you were experiencing? Was there heat, relief of body pain, vibrational energy? 
 I initially placed my hands on my body for comfort as the pain was so strong and instantly I felt an intense heat as my pain dissipated. I then started to experiment with the energy by pulling my hands away from my body and the pain would return although with less intensity. When I placed my hands back I would again feel the heat and the pain would subside. This was my first conscious interaction with energy work. 

Were you surprised at that you recovered by your own energy channeling? How long was this time period? I was more curious than surprised by this and felt intrigued to work more with this new energy. I was so excited to test it out that I began to call my friends and ask them to let me place my hands on their bodies to feel their energy. By doing this I learned that everyone's energy is different in that the energy blocks manifest in different areas of the body. 

What did you learn about yourself and how the cancer begins to manifest itself in your body? What did it teach you about how illness begins into the human physical plane.. For you does it all start at a soul level, thought forms that are negative, and fear or worry making our bodies weak and prone to cancer or any illness? 
I learned that we all have a soul and that when you are not in sinc with your soul's desire it will send you messages. If you are unable to hear the messages it is sending you it will eventually get your attention by making you physically ill. In my case my soul was letting me know that I must change my life path to allow my soul to grow as it was becoming stagnant. I believe that everything begins at the soul level and that our soul utilizes this body to experience emotions that create a vibration, (positive and negative), and that we have 10 to 15 emotions or vibrations that we will repeat for our entire lives until we are able to master each one. When you are able to master all of them you will grow very quickly and your life will become very pleasurable. 

When you are channeling energy to heal someone can you sense what the root cause is in the individual? If so what does it mean to be grounded how can we become more grounded and less fearful or negative in our emotions or way of thinking? 
When I am channeling energy I am amplifying the person's energy so that I am able to see where the blockages are within the energy body. I am then able, with the permission of the soul, to assist the person to ground their own energy. I share the information that I receive with the person and provide them with homework so that they can continue to transform the energy blockage to a positive energy and become grounded. Being grounded means to process all of the energy within the chakra's in particular the base chakra must be grounded. We all have positive and negative emotions which we must experience to make the soul grow. After my 18 years of practice it has become apparent to me that there is a 3 step process we must go through in order to process emotions. Step 1; when I feel an emotional charge I acknowledge this emotion by feeling it full for a full minute and a half. This might seem very short however often in life we get stuck in an emotion for hours, days, weeks or even years therefore the goal is to decrease this time until we are able to process an emotion within a minute and a half. Step 2; I then bring the emotion to the heart where I send love to the situation or event that has caused the emotional charge.This love will reduce the fear and anger attached to the emotions and if I am able to find the humor in the situation this will help even more. Step 3; I then bring the energy to the root chakra and Hara. I like to think of this as taking the emotional energy to the factory, (the base chakra), where it is processed from a lower vibration, (fear or anger), to a higher vibration, (love), which is the finished product. 

Would you say then that lets say repressed anger can cause ulcers or hate can cause something else in the body and repressed emotions a dysfunction in the thyroid? 
Yes repressed anger can cause all kinds of blockages within the physical body and each person will manifest the resulting illness in their own way. Some individuals might develop ulcers, mental illnesses or cancer like I did. 

Is there anything that we can do to heal ourselves and help ourselves live happier more positive lives in health and wellness? What would you tell someone who is facing a diagnosis of cancer or terminal illness? What is our advice to that person? 
I believe that the best way to heal ourselves and live happy and more positive lives is to follow the three step process I described for transforming our emotions. This makes our soul happy and if our soul is happy we are happy. I would tell anyone who is facing a diagnosis of cancer or a terminal illness to never give up because as long as we are still breathing there is still hope. If I had listened to the doctors and believed that I was terminal I would not be here today. 

Having assisted individuals that are terminal leave the earth plane what happens at the time of passing? Any changes the energy in the room or person ready to pass on to the next stage?  
In assisting people with a terminal illness to leave the earth plane I have noted that their energy changes at the solar plexus it moves up and away from the body and it is no longer connected in the two lower chakras. The energy starts very lightly and continues to grow in its intensity activating the transition of the soul from the physical plane. When this occurs I am able to feel the presence of higher vibrations which have come to assist the soul in its transition from this plane. 

How has tapping into this energy changed your life and how are you continuing to change the lives of others with your gift? 
Tapping into this energy has changed my life in so many positive ways as it has saved my life and changed its course completely. I now dedicate myself to helping others to connect with their soul and transform their emotions so they too can heal their physical and emotional bodies. Once you learn to live in harmony with your soul energy you will never go back as life becomes so full of joy. I look forward to every new day and whatever the universe has to present to me. 

Tell us about your workshops and where we can contact you and join in to learn more about what you do and have a one on one consultation with you? 
To learn more about my workshops or to have a one to one consultation with me I invite you to go to Google my website @ www.denischagnon.com. Thank you for your gift and wisdom we looking forward to your continued healing and workshops here in Toronto and in Quebec. Mercie.

About Laura Allen, MT (Owner of Thera-Massage)

Laura Allen has been practicing massage since 1999. She is the owner of THERA-SSAGE, a multi-disciplinary clinic and educational facility in Rutherfordton, NC, offering massage therapy, chiropractic, acupuncture, aesthetics, spa treatments, naturopathy, nutritional counseling, and herbal therapies. She is an editorial and marketing consultant for Health Options Monthly, a great new newsletter for  you to share with your clients. Check out our sample issue! .

Allen is Nationally Certified in Massage Therapy & Bodywork, and an Approved Provider of Continuing Education under the NCBTMB, a professional member of both AMTA and ABMP, a past delegate to the Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards, and a founding member of the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education.  From 2005-2011, she was a member of the North Carolina Board of Massage & Bodywork Therapy. She is also a site reviewer for COMTA. 

Allen is a regular contributor to trade journals, and her blog about the politics of massage appears on her own website at www.LauraAllenMT.com, www.massageprofessionals.com, Massage Today, and Massage Magazine. Allen is available for consulting with individual practitioners, group practices, massage schools, and organizations.  She has assisted a number of new schools in starting up, including creating the initial paperwork needed for school licensure. She also assists schools, organizations, and individuals who seek approval as continuing education providers from the NCBTMB.

 Allen is on the visiting faculty for the Obus School of Healing Therapies in Leixlip, Co Kildare, Ireland, and the Board of Advisors for the Asheville School of Massage & Yoga.

  Click here  and get your copy 

Rolfing With Nikki Corona

I often times tell people, Rolfing is like Chiropractic Massage and Physical Therapy all wrapped up into one, but nothing like being adjusted or treated by a Physical Therapist; and completely different from massage. That is the easiest way to understand the concept of Rolfing if you have no idea how the human body or any body for that matter is affected by the field of gravity. Ida states it this way:

“The gravitational field is the most potent physical influence in any human life. When human energy field and gravity are at war, needless to say gravity wins every time. It may be a man’s friend and reinforce his activity; it may be his bitter enemy and drag him to physical destruction. His structure holds the answer.” –Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

Rolfers work with how your body is relating to the field of gravity. It’s not only about posture, muscles, bones and fascia. It’s about how the innermost muscles relate to the outermost muscles. How the left side of you is balancing against the right side. It’s about balancing the front side of the body against the back. In Structural Integration we are not dealing with local problems. We are dealing with an intent to make the body more secure, more capable of relating to the field of gravity.

Nikki Corona
Corona Rolfing
Live Well, Feel Well, Look Well

Qualities of a Good Massage Therapy Clinic by Irma Romano

Nowadays, massage therapy is recognized by the medical society and is considered by the public because of its health and relaxation purposes. In modern times, a lot of new methods and techniques of massage have emerged and more people are now aware of the value of massage therapy.

In fact, a lot of states are already enforcing laws on massage therapy clinics and practices. Massage therapists are even required to get licenses before they can practice in a specific area. Of course, the law will be different from one state to another and until a federal law is passed, this will remain so.

But with all the massage therapy clinics that have been cropping up in every street corner in the metro, it has become hard to choose among them. Most of the time, what factors in our decision whether to go in or not is not actually the service but the ambiance or the aura that the store has. This is very unfortunate as we are compromising our safety for a great window display.

Below are some of the qualities that a good massage therapy clinic should have.

1. Wide range of massages

One quality that a good massage therapy clinic should have is a wide range of choices for their customers. There are many kinds of massage therapy being done and having some of them in your list of services means that you are not just a too-bit business establishment. Also, a wide selection of services also allow people to try out different things. After all, there is a different massage therapy that is appropriate for every person and for every situation.

2. Professional masseurs

Another important characteristic of a good massage therapy clinic is having professional masseurs. This means that the massage therapists should have at least a license in the kind of massage they are doing and several years of experience. That way, you can be sure that what they are doing is right and good for your body. You see, when done the wrong way, the massage therapy strokes can cause health problems, sprain someone and even maim in some instances.

3. Quality equipment and oil

Another thing that you can look into when determining how great a massage therapy clinic is the equipment and materials that they use for the massage. Remember that what they will be using will determine how good your experience will be during the massage. The oils that they use for instance can help in soothing the muscles and relaxing the body. The more upscale massage therapy clinics will even use oils that have scents. These can be more expensive but at least what you are getting is the real thing.

4. Good location

Believe it or not, the location of a place also determines whether a massage therapy clinic will become a success or not. A good location with a lot of people can mean constant foot traffic. No matter how great your service is, if people do not know that your business exists, it will come to nothing. You need to be in a place where you can be seen by people.

5. Reasonable price

Another important quality of a good massage therapy clinic is of course the price. A reasonably priced service with a good service will definitely be a success hands down.

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