Tuesday, November 27, 2012

What Are You Gifting This Holiday Season? by Irma Romano

Only 30 days until Christmas time and the holidays. Many of you will be running around shopping for your loved ones and preparing dinner or hosting for your relatives. My clients share with me how this time of year can add stress in their lives and some of you tell me they really do not enjoy HAVING to go to certain things like entertain relatives at home and deal with certain family members. It has been over two decades since I have been in a mall shopping for Christmas or hosted a Christmas dinner for people I have no intention of spending time with. Removing a sense of obligation and having to justify ourselves to others as to why you’re not showing up for dinner is the first step in claiming back your sanity and living your life on your terms. How other people feel is not your problem. Here are some tips on staying balanced and nurturing yourself for the holiday season.

Be grateful for what you have now. This is a way of increasing abundance in your life. Make a list of the things you do enjoy and that you feel blessed for in your life. This can be anything from the food on the table to your family, your husband and children etc.

Don’t forget to give away your smile to the people that are working to make your holidays special.

Give the gift of a happier you to your loved ones. What you do is pale in comparison to what you are. Who you are inside and how you love yourself affects your family and the people in your life. Think about how you affect others by simply your presence in the room and forget about the material gifts for a second. Do we really need to go out and buy things to show we love someone or are the holidays a great time to dive inside ourselves and give our magnificent being that we are. The center of your giving with the intentions that you have for your giving is more important than the gift itself.

Nurture yourself first so you are able to give to others. Give yourself time and space in silence and get in touch with your inner self. As a massage therapist I recommend you give yourself a massage or give the gift of touch and healing this holiday season to your loved ones.

What is it that you would love to change about your life this year? Would you like to lose weight and get fit? Give yourself or your family the gift of yoga, a book on healthy eating and nutrition, a booking with a naturopathic doctor or homeopath. Join a meditation group or learn a new sport. Challenge yourself for growth and expand your energy. Here are some of my gift ideas for the holidays.

Massage Therapy: Try a different type of massage you haven’t tried before there are so many to choose from.

Facials and pampering: Give yourself a break and get some skin and make-up advice from your local spa.

Nutrition: There are alternative ways to deal with illness and weight loss this year has you tried talking to a Naturopathic Doctor about health issues you are having?

Books: Read something that inspires you and lifts you up, so many books on health, wellness, spirituality, raw foods, something to inspire you and see the world from another angle.

Green Gifts: Look for water bottles, coffee mugs that lessen the stress on the environment there are so many green gifts.

Yoga Passes: If you haven’t tried yoga and think you would like to start get yoga matt and look around your community for classes.

Meditation: try to meditate this year and see how your life shifts when you stop the noise in your head moving from ego to spirit. Get in touch with the inner self.

Travel: You can also opt to travel instead of spending too much on things and make it a family adventure.

Here are my favorite books for this year to touch the soul.

Dying to be Me by Anita Moorjani
Wishes Fulfilled by Dr.Wayne Dyer
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
Ascending With Both Feet on the Ground by Jeff Brown
Don’t Fear Change CHANGE FEAR by Juno Cristi
Heal your Body by Louise Hay
Live Raw by Mimi Kirk
Clean Eating by Tosca Reno
The Reconnection by Dr. Eric Pearl
I lost My Job and I Liked It by Lilou Mace

What are your favorite books? What has inspired you to shift energy and center yourself? I would love to hear about your story of transformation and what you wish to achieve for 2013. I will be sharing your stories and favorite reads on Massage Planet News.

Remember to take a look at my new book A Journey In Massage, a book that was intended to also shift the way we see massage therapists and help a new generation of healers.

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