Saturday, November 17, 2012

How To Make Money In The Massage World by Irma Romano

How to make money in the massage world? First live in a powerful place within yourself by casting fear out of your life. Make the well being of your clients a priority not Money. Things will fall into place when you connect to a higher consciousness. How does your business serve others? Or are you just creating wealth with no spiritual foundations? You will not find yourself in the material world its just another ego trip. A Course In Miracles says “to whatever extent a project or business contributes healing of some form to society; to that extent the project is blessed. Blessing means mystical support and protection.”

You can fullfill your higher purpose in life without comparing yourself with others. Show case your uniqueness and follow your own power no amount of coaching on a material level alone will give you joy or serve and heal anyone. The question is What do you have to offer to your clients and why do they want to work with you? Your motivation for money and selling should be based on PURPOSE and JOY vs. FEAR, ANGER, or PROVING yourself.


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