Thursday, November 1, 2012

My Declaration of Love

How do you Love? 
Your imagination painting on a blank canvas of time 
The future holds empty promises of salvation 
Leaving you standing in the lonely fields of sorrow
Wondering if you will ever arrive 
Drawing conclusions on conceptual ideals 
Of where and how Love will be

When do you Love?
Chained by the psychological clock 
Ticking aimlessly and endlessly pulling your heart 
Towards wanting and needing spinning the wheels
In reverse sinking you deeper in quick sand
Past experiences playing phantom roles that never 
Seem to ever have an end tirelessly watching the 
Stories playing like a broken record stored in your 
Memories pretending to be real 
“Your Life?”

Where do you grow Love?
Are the roots digging deep in the earth’s belly? 
With no obstacles no sticks or stones strong enough 
To stop the desire for growth 
The seeds you sow finally peeking their heads 
Towards blue skies with the curiosity and 
Excitement like the first promises that life holds for 
A new born life
Complete with no polarities or asking for permission 
In being 

Where do you find Love? 
Nourished by the light, love grows with no sacrifices 
Or compromises in the present moment 
Fearlessly and tenderly it seeks nothing and chases 
Not bound in time it grows deep beyond the mind
Invisible and yet powerful its omnipresence to heal 
And give life is untouchable desired by all as the 
Source of joy and unity of all living creatures
In the stillness and silence Love grows within 
Leaving nothing untouched along its path excluding 
No one 

You cannot find Love it is never lost it sits quietly 
In all eternity within the deep corners of your heart 
“Healing has its roots in unconditional Love.”
It seeks nothing and gives everything. 

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