Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Secret Codes Our Body Holds by Irma Romano

We all experience illness in our bodies at one point or another. From the flu to pain or chronic illnesses the body is sending you a message but are you listening? As a massage therapist and having gone through my own healing and research I have come to understand that when you ignore the soul the core of which you are it will send you a strong message in the form of pain, illness, and energy blockages. When your soul’s desires and the voice of its cries are ignored we create a break down in our bodies that no external practitioner can heal until we are ready to travel inside. Ignoring your soul’s cries to be herd and to express its mission is the start of the cycle of illness. We must come to understand that we are not really solid beings but energy forms vibrating at different frequencies. Our thoughts meet the body and cause us to have emotional reactions lowering our vibrational frequencies or raising it. There is a place where the vibrational frequencies are so high that illness can no longer linger in our bodies. Beyond the survival game that we play our truth of who we are will want to surface sooner or later and will use whatever portal to come through. Like a plant we are really here to grow our souls. 

When you see an emotion arise in you try to connect with it fully and feel it instead of burying and pretending it is not there. Pain that is not met will come out sooner or later in another form in the body with energy blockages and illness. Getting stuck in emotions for hours, months or years ages us and affects our cells in our bodies are DNA. Bring understanding of your emotional charges to your heart center where it can be dismantled with the light of your consciousness. Your heart is the first organ that is developed in conception and is more intelligent than the human brain.  Fear is the cause of all illness and is the opposite of love.  Supressed anger will give you anything from ulcers to cancer. 

In essence we are the truth, the life, the eternal and the unmanifested in form.  Human Beings have been here for some time never changing the level of consciousness but evolving in technology. The third dimensional consciousness which is an unconscious state of being has created the world we see now. The outer pollution is the individual pollution and is also collective. 

How do we bring healing into the world? What is our true nature? Who are we? What is our purpose here on Earth?  How did man become disconnected from himself and separate from the whole? 

I explore every level of being that we have. We are more than a physical body we have more than one body. How does illness start and how can we look at illness as a message a way that the body communicates to us that there is something not in balance?  We are energy vibrating at a frequency. What destroys that frequency? How can we vibrate at the speed of light and love? . Questions that science alone cannot understand because it is beyond mind it is information accessed through Being and feeling instead. 

We explore energy healing and medicine less hospitals. How to heal with other methods, herbs, and meditation, and we ask the questions that make us look deeper into the truth, the different levels of bodies that we have, the dream state, and shamanism. Is this a more permanent way of bringing about real lasting health? We are healthy by nature and will be able to heal ourselves with our own energy in the near future.

We look at the ego of man and how thoughts create illness in the body, the power of positive thinking and instant manifestation. The power of healing illness is within each one of you. The form of healing you choose is there to assist you to connect to your own energy and soul. There are no magic pills greater than your soul. When your body is sending you a message are you quiet enough to listen? 

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