Friday, November 9, 2012

The Birth of We’ve Got Your Back Toronto

My decision to open a temp agency for massage therapists came out of the desire to help the people who need it and the people I love. First it allowed me to help massage therapists all over the world make money and thrive which was long overdue and second I wanted to help my soul sister Juno Cristi.

Only 7 months prior I met Juno online her writing Soulspeak caught my attention and I contacted the single mom from the Philippians who was living in San Francisco. Her book A Drop of Petals 101 poems from the heart sits on my dresser  “ I am a flower… and I need to always remember that if I open my heart I bloom…and even when a flower is broken that flower is still beautiful… “Her words touch the soul and are written from a space of sorrow and source of being. I know the words very well and what they convey because they are my story and my own heart.

The world is unconscious and is shifting into awakening in order to regain its balance which was lost hundreds of thousands of years ago. Incarnation into the physical realm is not a decision of the weak for the soul knows what lays ahead in its journey and is brave enough to come here in the denser reality anyways. Some life forms last a few seconds and others a few years others come here to change in the shift and others are takers. They take from the earth with no regard for the animals and eco system in order to have material gain at the expense of Gaia and their fellow men. This has been the case in our history but has become very prominent in our present decade.  All you have to do is pick up a history book and read about the wars the killings and the destruction which seems to be so innate in the evolution of mankind. When the balance becomes so undone and the earth can no longer function as a result things begin to shake the way we have seen lately with earth quakes and hurricanes, the climate changes and the pollution, the pretend wealth of the west and the exploitation in the east.

Consciousness at this time is becoming conscious all over the universe and it is the next step in our evolution. Man’s ego and mind when in the driver’s seat is capable of the cruelest acts towards the environment and other humans. In general a human who does not go beyond mind is not capable of wrapping life around LOVE and only has a concept of it in ideas and metal attachments just like using the word GOD it makes it into a story and loses its truth in the process.  There is no use for these words that sit empty when actions are laced in fear killing, and destruction. Where is God now?
My soul decided to be here at this time and sits right here at this moment while you read my words. It knew its journey ahead of time and decided to meet the people it was supposed to and endure what it had to in order to understand the power of Love. The road I embarked on since birth is one of uphill battles sometime leaving me in utter darkness of the collective consciousness of the whole and of generational collective and I always go back wondering to myself “You are one Strong Soul” I have been bent, uprooted, fragmented, beaten, used, the victim the perpetuator, the actor on stage and the director. I came out with the grace of source vibrating at high speed and understanding that no mind is knowing who I really was. It brought me closer to my soul each and every painful event was a path towards the light and at the end of the road I was face to face with my own truth. I was face to face with Juno.

Her poetry grace the pages of my first book “A Journey In Massage” her wisdom at such a young age is unparalleled to anyone I have met so far with a few exceptions. Her pain is also my pain and no words are needed for me to try to understand her sorrow I have been in the story books myself sliding into the rabbit hole a few times.

Today I thank my poverty, my lack, my addictions, my darkness, my struggles, my conflicts, all the hurdles for allowing the light to come through so powerfully and to have given me the power to heal and understand love in all its totality and the reason for my birth. This day would not be so joyful with all the thorns I collected along the way. I also never look back or forward I stay in the moment and when my energy wants to pretend to be me I sit still.  It has melted the strongest armour that had me captive unable to move with freedom and grace for so many years. I understand what is important and allow the World of illusions disappear for it has no hold on me anymore and it no longer entices me in any way. I understand that love is beyond fear and mind, I see that being attached to material things and tittles is the path we have now of sorrow and illness. There is only one truth and one ending to any story. You will not find yourself in anything in the world but you will find your soul in silence when there is no more noise that is when the light will come to meet you. When you allow this moment to be the way it is.

The desire to give and help others is what motivates me. The accumulation of wealth may or may not come and when it does I will share it with my soul family and elevate not take away. This is the only path to the heart. The heart of Gaia and all of humanity and it is also the way to your own light. When I say that we’ve got your back I really mean it.

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