Sunday, October 21, 2012

Words of Wisdom by Eckhart Tolle

“But the ego is destined to dissolve, and all its ossified structures, whether they be religious or other institutions, corporations, or governments, will disintegrate from within, no matter how deeply entrenched they appear to be. The most rigid structures will collapse first. There are many more surprises in store for us.”

“When faced with a radical crisis, when the old way of being in the world, of interacting with each other and with the realm of nature doesn’t work anymore, when survival is threatened by seemingly insurmountable problems, an individual life form or a species will either die or become extinct or rise above the limitations of its condition through an evolutionary leap.”

“What is arising now is not a new belief system, a new religion, spiritual ideology, or mythology. We are coming to the end not only of mythologies but also of ideologies and belief systems. The change goes deeper than your thoughts. In fact, at the heart of the new consciousness lies the transcendence of thought.”

If we live in fear, limitation, and egoist structures than we pass this world on to the next generation whatever is left of it. The collective nightmare of human existence,, ideologies and belief systems that give you a false sense of self and used to make yourself right and others wrong sits on a weak foundation. Feeling offended is another way your ego likes to keep itself in place.  Is our world the way it is at this moment going to shift and I believe that it will or will it be destroyed by the greed and unconsciousness of its leaders and blind followers? When the delusion of being separate from the whole kicks in what world do I create? The level of consciousness dictates the world we will create and if it remains unchanged it will keep repeating the same dysfunctions over and over again. We are more than what we are told we are from birth. Outside the four walls of societal structures is the return to our true selves.

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