Friday, October 5, 2012

Why The Fight Against Cancer Does Not Work

These days when I see a pink ribbon for cancer awareness my skin crawls. The words war against and fight against is a mindset that holds illness in place even more deeply and creates enemies. The war against drugs, crime, cancer, poverty, has failed over time and in fact it has actually increased instead of decreasing it.

The Medical Community and the Big Pharmaceutical Companies

Maybe it is for reason that the medical community’s symbol is a snake wrapped around a stick? The third leading cause of death after heart disease and cancer is medical treatments itself. But they don’t tell you that in the media. The sad truth is that pills bring about brand new ills and like the antibiotic which we thought was a cure for infections it has created epidemics of more powerful strains of bacteria and caused more problems. There is big money to be made from creating fear and prescription drugs. If your doctor sits across from you with a pad and pen every time you go for a visit then you know they are not for you or concerned for your well being. Doctors are part of a system that brainwashes them in school to be drug dealers more than healers.

The belief in a Label that someone attaches to your condition keeps it even more in place. You suffer from this and that. Well good for you now we know who you are. The fight against anything limits you and distorts reality. Use an approach to your illness by not making it into an enemy. Pain and illness is a messenger.
What are we? We are sound energy with a vibrational frequency, beyond mere flesh and bones. Your illness starts in the invisible realm of energy and then manifests itself in the body years later. Do you hold a lot of fear in your thoughts, and negativity of any kind? Mind energy which runs our world now is limited and destructive. Unlike spiritual energy which vibrates at a higher frequency of love and light. If your vibrational frequency is low it vibrates at the level of illness. What lowers your frequency is mostly held pain in the mind. What else creates the increase of cancer that we see in our world? Our toxic environment the belief that we are separate to the earth the living being we like to call Gaia. She is our food and we are killing her.

Montesano and GMO seeds
Fluoride in our water
Vaccinations 200 before the age of two attacking the developing immune system in children causing ADD ADHD and Autism
Fast Food and Processed Food/ meat with antibiotics and corn feed animals.
Sugar and Salt
Pop cans and cans in general
Artificial flavours
Underground electrical wires
Hair and make-up products
Cleaning products

These and more are a breeding ground for cancer.
You can also try to have a more alkaline diet than acidic you can get a chart online.
The bottom line is that our planet makes a lot of money making you scared and sick if you were well than someone on the top of the pyramid would not be getting rich. Stay positive, feed your soul, eat natural food vegetables and fruits, workout, cleanse, and give your digestive track a break. Prevention is better than a cure but I personally like naturopathic doctors when I feel the need to bet more balanced. Many illnesses start in the digestive track and are caused by too much toxins in the body from our food and the environment. Your bowels will tell you where you’re at health wise. An overgrowth of candida and fungus is the main cause of cancer. Is your inside clean? Are you overweight and feeling sluggish all the time? What are you putting inside your body? Is it real food or mostly processed laced with sugar and salt. Most breakfast cereals are toxic.

Better food choices
All Vegetables from the ground not in a can
Fruits same as above
Yeast free gluten free breads with multi-grain
Omega three eggs and if you eat meat choose organic meat that is raised free-ranged.
Avoid Dairy, Cheese, White Sugar, and Table Salt and Pop

There are resources of better food choices online and at a book store if you need more guidance with staying healthy. In the meantime drop your weapons and put away your Pink Ribbons and Posters if you want to see a cure for cancer.

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