Friday, October 19, 2012

Going Beyond Survival By Living On Purpose

The list of clients I see that are burnt out from their jobs is endless and the state of unhappiness made of mere survival is an epidemic. Most people feel trapped by having to wake up each morning and exchange time for money. If given a way out they would walk away from their hum drum existence and do what they really want to do. In fact most people I personally know who went from professions and into making millions of dollars with networking businesses all left their jobs. Some were teachers, others lawyers, massage therapists, and police officers. What does that say about nine to five? Do you want more time and freedom to live your life and enjoy what really matters? Who doesn’t?

Doing less meaningless work is not being lazy.  We live in a society that creates well-adjusted slaves not productivity and so the worst way to work is by exchanging time for money. If you are putting up with a non-ideal existence and allow others to define life for you and your doing it by allowing time and years pass you by watching life happen instead of enjoying and living it than no matter how much money you make doing mindless work  is not necessarily for the good of all or productive. Do not allow a world out there tell you how many hours you need to spend at work to make a living when you’re paying the price with your life and freedom. If you’re waking up every morning feeling lifeless and joyless sucked into a routine pretending that money will fix it all you know you’re fooling yourself. Money is something we have in place and the more you want the more you are trapped in the game. Do you want a job or do you want to live your life on purpose? Do you want to survive or thrive? Do you want to chase money and never arrive at feeling satisfied or do you want freedom to enjoy the one life you have?

When your job is boring you to death and most people are in that circumstance of life more time or more money will not liberate you. If you’re living your life in fear of quitting your job or waiting for retirement to free you to eventually do what you love that time might and most likely will never come unless you take the initiative to cut the chains that tie you to surviving. Are you waiting for a diagnosis of cancer to say you’re now going to have a bucket list and travel the world? Is that what it takes to awaken you and make you see what is really important in life and that with your permission you allow others to manipulate and dictate there values on how you should be living and what it means to be successful. If you’re using your kids and mortgage as an excuse for not living out your true passion than I say you teach them by example and you should teach them that it is possible to live life fully and go beyond survival.

Living in regret is a wasted of full life potential. Allowing life to pull you by the nose is a life of slow death and I say not everyone was born to really experiment freedom and joy because some people are still very much attached to the tribal mentality and societal rules as it makes them feel safe and that is also an illusion. When you start to live outside the four walls that was implemented by others who have their best interest invested in you not noticing you will pull yourself out of mere survival into actual aliveness. If joy, excitement, enthusiasm is not present in your work than work is a means to an end and will keep you feeling numb in the service of nothing.

We have a system in place of rules and should and should not’s that was created but is neither the absolute truth nor does it have to be a way of life. If businesses are produced as a means to an end and poisons our environment and makes everyone miserable in the process as most of them do than there is no success and no reason for it is existence.  Real businesses are for the good of all for the good of humanity and do not leave victims in its creation. Eighty percent of our consumption is not necessary and the marketing world would go belly up if the masses would disengage from the manipulation of consumerism feeding our egos and leaving us feeling empty. How much do you need to actually live? You would be surprised. Eliminating wanting is the first step to freedom and living within your means. This will free up your time to travel, and create work that is meaningful for you and others around you. Wealth, health, a roof over our heads is a basic need for everyone not just a few and we are much more than what we are lead to believe. There is enough to go around for all of humanity and if it hasn’t already happened than someone doesn’t want it to happen. We can move towards a different world eliminating many systems that are in place that are just band aids that are not going to the core of the symptoms. A shift in the collective consciousness has to happen to move things in different directions. As more people question the status quo and seek to be of true service to the whole the world will change and if not it will put all species on earth into a real danger of elimination and more destruction.

I encourage each of you to take your life into your own hands and do with it something meaningful while you still can. This moment is all anyone of us have and the life that you are is yours alone no one can come save you if you don’t want to step outside the box and lead your own way. In the end we are all accountable for our actions because we are one with all life that pulses through the universe and we affect the life forms around us with our state of mind, emotions, thoughts, and actions. The changes start with you.

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