Sunday, October 21, 2012

Love and Fear and Living Beyond Our Limitations

Two days ago I had a massage therapist on Facebook ask what the System is. She didn’t like my answers or addressed my questions and ran off of Facebook like a Cat off a Hot Tin Roof pressing down on her own trigger points with mental concepts looking at my words and not really looking with an open heart. It seems like she is capable of writing books on how to have a successful practice so much so I actually had her interviewed which I don’t do very lightly. I interview people with who are highly evolved beings of light and love and who have something of value to add to the world. What we should look at though when you open a practice is how many hours does that leave you with because not everyone equates success with money many like myself enjoy freedom instead to be with family and to do other things with their time. That’s why I bought the 4 Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferris and that is why he sold over ten million copies of his book and is the Number one New York Times best seller, Published in 35 countries he went from making 40 thousand dollars a year working 80 hours a week to 40 thousand a month and working 4 hours a week. Work anywhere in the world and trade in a long haul career for short work bursts and frequent mini- retirements. In other words unplug yourself from the way it was always done. That’s how we do it and making the good opinion of others matter to you which keeps you stuck where you are now. People want to free up time and like Timothy many want to know how to also make more money while they do what they love, possible to achieve? Why not? Every acquaintance I have met in the last two years who have succeeded in networking businesses left their jobs as soon as they could. Massage Therapists, lawyers, doctors, teachers, and police officers and very few said that they loved their job so much they wanted to stay there. In a world where we work more for less slamming the door to nine to five seemed like a good option. I work with my pyjamas on now and I am raising my kids and I enjoy the freedom that sixty thousand dollars a month provides for me and my family. This is not text book cartoon characters they are actual people I know.
The subject of meaningless work came up as I was referring directly from Timothy’s book as he has a full chapter on the idea that we can look busy but not be productive. 8 hours a day is not necessarily equal to productive. We can probably cut our hours in half and do the same amount of work, thank you Timothy Ferriss for opening up our minds about the fact that exchange of hours for money is not the best way to free up time or become wealthy. I wonder if Timothy Ferriss gets as much resistance as I did for saying this himself. My point than was don’t worry no one will take away your 40 hour work week, and no one will take away your ideas of how you want to live your life. You created it and where you are now is a sum total of your own belief systems. To each their own and that is why life is so beautiful you get to pick how and with who you spend it. We like our addictions to drama a lot of the time and that means living within our own limitations created by our minds. I no longer focus on how to be a rich massage therapist or interview based on those principals there are enough books out there on these topics and I like to free up the mind instead not teach about financial success. The foundation of success lies first with the amount of consciousness you bring out into the world. If what you do poisons the environment and causes suffering for others than you have to look at what success really is. If you can’t conduct yourself on a daily bases with dignity especially in front of your peers no amount of book writing is going to make any difference. Success starts in your heart. If something someone says hurts you than it is a good indication that this is where you are stuck and need work. Insults towards another are a double edge sword it poisons you and everyone around you by leaving your fingerprint in the web of life that connects everything that exists. It has an effect in the un-manifested dimension more powerful than the world of form. Lose your weapons your bibles and your morals they are just ideologies and mental concepts used to divide which is the opposite of true consciousness.
Is it Rude of me to share an opinion about the System when I say that we are not separate from the whole and that the old egoic structures that are in place still today have created an unbalance on the planet that is destroying the environment, killing humans and other species in the name of progress and that if we all saw how connected we are to it all we would think twice before speaking and trying to hurt someone by attacking them for the only purpose of inflating ourselves. This is the same individual who told me I shouldn’t be calling myself a Healer a month ago. Once more seeing not with an open mind but with more judgment and not actually reading what was there. Like many others I like to be the door of other perceptions and allow healing modalities to come through by sharing of other people’s stories and experiences. I did ask finally and commented that we already had the cure for cancer years ago and that we could live now free of fossil fuels and eradicate suffering and famine on a global scale if we wanted to. The fact that it hadn’t already happen was because someone at the top of the decision making pyramid is making a lot of money with the old system. Here in America and around the world. Progress is for the good of all humans and not just a few. We live in a world of abundance where shelter, food, and clothing can be given to everyone on a global scale. Why has it not happened yet? What is this concept of ownership of land and things? You tell me.
Being a massage therapist is a path I have been on for the last six years. I honour it but feel like I have grown in terms of adding another dimension which is more holistic and spiritual because for me and not for everyone, I feel like true healing starts with our higher selves. I see myself clearly walking away from doing massage therapy in the next year or so in order to evolve into another path. I follow my own intuition and instincts when it comes to what I do and how I do it not motivated by making just money or being successful in worldly terms but rather allowing things to unfold as they should.
If you feel stuck on Survival ask yourself how you landed there and how you can climb out. But first you have to ask the questions to get the answers and it takes an open heart and mind to get there. No one can come and save us and turn us into leaders that is something each individual most do for themselves. Try taking responsibility for your own fears instead of blaming someone or thing outside of yourself for pissing you off and making you angry. Anger is generated by your thoughts not the actual situation in front of you. Three days ago I was on the highway and a car was trying to run me off the road only a few centimetres away from my bumper. I was the cause of his irritation and frustration. In his mind I was not driving fast enough. You are not the cause of such behaviour in others and each of us is a container of love or fear. You cannot give out to the world what you don’t already have inside. Take responsibility for your own inner space and how you behave and perceive the world. I am not responsible for your behaviour just as you’re not responsible for someone’s perceptions and ideas of how the world turns. When you don’t take offense or react to what anyone does or says you are free. No one can diminish you with insults or verbal attacks. There is nothing there to diminish or derive unless your ego is very much in the driver’s seat.
Don’t be afraid of letting go of people and situations that do not honour you and individuals that do not love you for who you are. Love doesn’t have an opposite force. It doesn’t love one minute and then a second later hates. Love is who we are and it comes into the world through us. You can’t love your employees, family, and friends and hate the people on welfare or the bums over there. Real love is not selective like that or judgmental, you don’t get to pick and choose who and what to love because you are love. Let those people go in a loving way and wish them well as they are also evolving at their own pace. When you return home to your true nature all you have to give is joy, peace, and love. If you cannot love everything and everyone around you with no exceptions than even your thoughts about your partner the idea of a romantic relationship is more likely an addiction and not love unless your bring a level of consciousness and awakening along with you. The old system works on the ego and it likes to divide and conquer but we already see where that will lead us and that is not the world we want to hand down to our children and humanity. What is the System? Anything we create.

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