Friday, October 12, 2012

Negativity and Gossip at the Workplace by Irma Romano

Do you work in a negative environment full of gossip, back stabbing, bullying, and plain negativity? Most work places are founded on the above and are on the increase. So much so that there are new programs at work that discusses these topics on a large scale and Corporations have to cover themselves in case of a lawsuit. How did this come into being? 

Complaining about things or gossiping when someone is not there to defend themselves is a form of negativity that spreads more rapidly than diseases.  These are also habitual programs from our childhood that is passed on from generation to generation and become automatic no thinking required. This is how a world of hate and violence keeps itself in place. 

If there is a problem to be solved being negative will sink you deeper into negativity and you will manifest more of what you do not want. Complaining makes you into a victim and victims do not have choices this is a form of addiction which starts with pain and ends with pain. Gossip is a malicious intent  to try to make yourself morally superior to someone else because what you are really saying is I am living in fear and I feel inferior. Tell your ego to take a break there is a life beyond pain. 

We are all connected to this life all humans all forms animals and plants, and to hurt someone else is to hurt yourself. If you could actually see the interconnectedness that we are beyond the five senses you would drop suffering and take responsibility for your own inner space. Many of the complainers say they believe in God. Yet it is more important to allow God or the Source to manifest every moment of your life through your words and actions. It is more powerful to be conscious than to believe in anything with an empty heart and hands. If you could see the ravages your actions have on your own well-being and the manifestations that it has in your physical body you would think twice about being negative. The universe does not know if you’re talking about someone else your yourself. 

You have three choices when it comes to work. You can quit your job, ask for a change with no negativity or taking it personally therefore not spreading the disease of negativity around anymore, or accepting what you have in front of you. All other choices are a state of unconsciousness and madness. Are you banging your head against a wall and addicted to pain? 

Your words are either destructive or constructive and everything that you do and say stays here in the matrix of life in the Universe yes good old Karma. Your words can be a weapon of hate or love. The Universe first came into being with sounds energy and vibration the very fabric of what you are as well. To be able to be abundant in life and to have the life that you desire you need to stay in a state of love not hate not using your words to demolish and destroy as a weapon. If you have a need to speak badly about someone especially while they are not present ask yourself what it is about you that feel inferior?  What you see in others is also in you.  

Choose love. See how from this state of being you can build a life of prosperity and wellness.  We really do not need Human Resources or the Ten Commandments if were all awake. These rules are designed to keep unconscious individual in a state of fear so that they do not act out there toxicity onto others, a small cry from living in a world where this is not needed anymore and we can all live in joy and peace. Yet it is possible and the change begins with you. 

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