Monday, July 23, 2012

What To Expect When You Go To A Spa Or Wellness Center For Your First Massage by Irma Romano

Some protocols when going to get a massage. This is written here for you to enjoy your massage and have the best possible experience in a wellness center.

1. Try to avoid wearing unnecessary jewelry that may get in the way of your treatment. Necklesses, bracelettes, ect... some clients also forget or lose their jewlery when taking it off and leaving it in the treatment room.

2. Arrive 15 minute early to fill out our health history form. You should be on the table at the time of your treatment. Any delays will be taken off your treatment time.

3. Do not take your robe or clothes off in front of your massage therapist. Make sure they have left the room first. If you are in Canada or the USA this is required legally.

4. Tell your massage therapist what feels comfortable or what areas you would like them to spend most of the treatment time on. It is your time and you have the right to ask where you would like to be treated and what feels comfortable to you. Choose oil, lotion, what you prefer as well your therapist is there to accomadate you.

5. Speak up about the amount of pressure you can tolerate. Too soft, too hard. Let the therapist know what you can handle and what feels uncomfortable during the treatment.

6. Ask the spa or center that you want a registered massage therapist or licensed therapist for the United States. Someone who is trained and this will give you added protection in case you get injured during the treatment. As well you can have the massage covered under your insurance.

7. Leave your cell phone off. Chose a day that you do not need to do anything after your treatment and can relax. Leave the office at the office. This is your time to relax and enjoy.

8. Try not to worry about wearing make-up or messing up your hair if you can. A good massage is messy and you sould not have immediate plans right after.

9.  Do not come in for a massage while you are contagious and sick. Tell your therapist of any illnesses or injury prior to your treatment.

10. Be respectful of your massage therapist. Moaning or inapropriate behaviour can have you evicted from a spa as well as making out with your partner after a couples massage in the treatment room or in the waiting room. Remember you are not alone.

11. Make sure you drink lots of water after your treatment to flush any toxins that were released into your circulation after your massage.

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