Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Massage Therapy and Addictions by Irma Romano

There are many types of addictions:

Smoking… etc

The one addiction that binds all the addictions together is THINKING. Observe how your mind works every day of your life and you will see that your thoughts are either in the past or future. Complaining, labelling, criticising, judging, and feeling unworthy. This is the noise the broken record that most of us hear in our head all the time until we go to bed.

This type of past and future mind noise acts like a thief, it take away your vital life force energy and you live life as if you have never existed because you are never present. The only reality anyone of us has is right now in front of you. This unconsciousness that we live by is handed down from generation to generation and has created the planet as you see it today. When you are busy talking in your head all the time you take up all of your energy and allow illness to sneak in.

Did you actually stop today in stillness and quietude to look at a flower? Did you notice the smell, texture, colors of your environment? Are you present in your daily life fully feeling it not thinking it? Negativity is not NORMAL and drama is not required at all and can be erased from your life for good if you choose to do so. It is possible to live a life of joy, peace, and stillness all of the time. Our attachment to form the outer world and our identification with our physical bodies and names culture, and beliefs closes the doorway to our inner beings. The true and only path to real lasting joy and peace is going within ourselves and finding source at the doorstep. Why is the Western Civilization which is the richest on the planet the most unhappy? The most prone to addictions to drugs and alcohol?  Where there is deep unconsciousness there is a wanting to seek out pleasures in the world. What gives pleasure one moment will bring you pain the next day. Nothing lasts the world of form. You can be extremely abundant financially and this gives you the ability to be dysfunctional in a more luxurious surrounding. Lasting happiness is not another person, wealth, a tittle, etc.. It is knowing your authentic self and inner being.

To start on a path of liberation from addictions try forgiveness of others who you feel have wronged you and of yourself. It doesn’t mean you should be friends with the people that have hurt you but you let go of the hatred and replaying the trauma in your head daily and living in the past. What doesn’t serve you any longer needs to be let go. Meditation is also a practice to take you within. You can try shutting off your mind to get to the inner you and start feeling your body and noticing life around you by being more here. Take 100 percent responsibility for your life and inner peace. Stop pointing the finger blaming your parents, and your past relationships, playing the role of a victim. You cannot have an authentic life and a happy life if you do not take charge of what is.   When you become more conscious and awake your energy will rise and you will also affect the lives of others around you. You will stop creating suffering for yourself and everyone else. During recovery use massage therapy to help you stop cravings.

Massage will help you reconnect mind and body and release your own happy hormones into your blood stream. (More on the topic to come this month.)

You can have a clear mind and drama free existence while serving a deeper purpose. The choice is yours to make. The rewards are many and when you stop the incisive noise in your head that tells you that you are not worthy let it pass and slowly you will see your cravings and addictions also dissolve when you shine your light of BEing into it.

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