Thursday, July 26, 2012

Interview with Jordan Walker

Who is Jordan Walker?
I am thankful for this interview firstly! Jordan is someone who allows God to live through Him. It has taken him a bit to dissolve in this. I enjoy life. It is a dance of the creator’s love. I am happy to be here now with you. 

Singer, songwriter, healer, traveler Jordan Walker is loving life and feels deeply connected to it all at a young age of twenty two. How did you get connected and so wise at such a young age? Where you always like this?
I believe it is not the age that counts. I think sincere longing, and openness to what is, and not what is not, just creates space. Peaceful space. Yes we are always that, it never goes anywhere, it’s a funny play of consciousness that makes us feel, think, and act, as if we don’t. Some people seem born with it, while some realize it on the death bed. Some find it in between. All fill in every path desired by the supreme one to realize itself. 

Can you explain why 'being' is more important for you than 'doing'? 
I don’t know if I should word it that way, cause I used to say it like that haha. I do believe being precedes doing, because the state of conscious awareness (being) is reflected in actions. It’s like the doing is the reflection in the mirror of the being. If your being is in its natural state (is at peace) and recognized as that you will have peace tattooed on all of your actions thoughts and words. It is more important in that way. Doing is also very great though because it is a wonderful tool to turn inward when you see that you are creating from a space that may not feel “right”. This inspires the ultimate investigation into the soul: “Where is this space? Who occupies it? Who am I?” Doing is very important in that way 

Tells us what healing means to you and how we can reach a state of balance when we are ill. What causes illness to manifest in the physical realm and how can we help others understand how the healing process begins. Any suggestions? 
Healing means self-discovery. When we discover who we are as love, and grace, we find a certain peace. Peace, healing, self-discovery all seem to be one. Illness becomes manifest as a mechanism to drive us into who we are. Sometimes the sick are more at peace than the well. They are open for love and kind. Sometimes the sick one is healthier than the well one. It’s all very beautiful because it is not about sickness or health. It is about love and this brings about a health beyond health. It begins with surrender to whatever extent possible.

What made you gravitate towards massage and bodywork early in life? How do you use it to help others? 
I remember when I was young I would massage my mother in order to have control of the television ha-ha : ). If I stopped she would change it to a channel I didn’t like! She later on suggested that I do it because it is a good profession and she felt I could do well in it. I kind of went into it for a job that paid well. Its one of those tricks the universe uses, where it gets you into the right thing for the wrong reason, so you will grow and mature into doing it for the right reasons. I use it to connect with people on a deeper level. I have used it to find myself and help others find themselves. 

When you are working on someone what is your approach before touching the person? What state of mind or no mind are you in? 
Each time I try to say a prayer, or remind myself of how sacred it is. It’s very much like a meditation. Each time I go in I strive to release any ideas I have that there is a therapist or a client. There is only one. There is no pressure to be healed, or heal. There is only love. Thoughts come but I begin to just let them pass. It’s very meditative. So I guess there is both a mind and no-mind! 

Are you looking at the client beyond the physical body? 
Yes, I even would go as far to say I can go into a state of non-looking. Not searching for health or disease or pain. Just seeing, Pure seeing. Even beyond the subtle body. I also use techniques that would work on both the physical and subtle body, but in the light of pure seeing.

What are your thoughts on modern medicine, alternative holistic healing?
I think both of them are divine expressions of consciousness. I believe when holistic healing and modern medicine become viewed as symbiotic and not oppositional, there will be a great understanding.

Are we going to move towards respecting the planet, the environment, what we eat? It seems like we create illness by following the masses on what is proper food? Drink Milk commercials? Do you think we will look back at this one day and say “What were the humans doing?” We made the might dollar come first for so long at the expense of the planet we live in. Who is going to save this world?
It is already happening. I think one day we will look back and say with a smile. We were perfect. It seems a lot of things have been projected on money. It neither has power, nor non-power. It like everything is one with the Supreme. 

Are you enjoying working with massage? Adding new modalities? Will massage Therapy move in a new direction in the following years? If so how do you see it progress? 
I’m sure it will! I enjoy refining my practice. I enjoy it very much. I’m open to learning from others as well as self-educating! Yee HAW! I will just observe its growth with love and see where it goes.

You like to travel. Where is your next stop? 
Maha Kumbh Mela in Feb 2013. I am setting an intention to be there. We shall see though. Sometimes the universe has something else that is tailor made for itself. 

I would like to leave our viewers with a song from your heart. Do you mind sharing a video of your music, your lyrics? 
Thank you Jordan for Being Love and touching us with your magnificence. 

THANK YOU Love and Blessings!

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