Monday, July 23, 2012

The Maritimes by Massage Planet News

Recently Massage Planet News was in Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Canada to experience the unspoiled natural scenery going back in time. It felt like time had never evolved in some parts of this Maritime Province.

When driving through some small villages sometimes of 200 inhabitants one would only discover a few stores and at times we would drive for hours before seeing anyone. Some smaller communities will travel for over an hour to buy groceries and essentials.  Things that most of us take for granted.


 Most of them had been born and raised in these small communities and what seemed hard to us to understand was a way of life that they embraced and cherished. Snow, rain or sunshine nothing stops the people in the Maritimes from enjoying their lives fully and you will be greeted with warmth and hospitality. As many people would say the beauty of the mountains, ocean and wildlife is like no other. If you want to come here for a visit I suggest you come in July or August as the weather is cooler especially in Cape Breton where there are hills of high altitudes and ocean winds. You can enjoy activities here like whale watching, kayaking, hiking, fresh lobster off the boats caught that day, and the famous Cabot Trails. Check your local listings for spas and resorts.

 You don’t want to miss a stopover in Halifax the most populated city for its night life, citadel, and the ocean front shopping. If you come to the Maritimes you may also want to visit PEI driving on the confederation bridge which is over ten kilometers in distance from Nova Scotia, and St. John Newfoundland a twelve hour ferry ride from the province. Enjoy a summer of colourful homes, seafood, and spectacular organic unspoiled landscape.

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