Monday, July 23, 2012

Rolfing With Nikki Corona

I often times tell people, Rolfing is like Chiropractic Massage and Physical Therapy all wrapped up into one, but nothing like being adjusted or treated by a Physical Therapist; and completely different from massage. That is the easiest way to understand the concept of Rolfing if you have no idea how the human body or any body for that matter is affected by the field of gravity. Ida states it this way:

“The gravitational field is the most potent physical influence in any human life. When human energy field and gravity are at war, needless to say gravity wins every time. It may be a man’s friend and reinforce his activity; it may be his bitter enemy and drag him to physical destruction. His structure holds the answer.” –Ida P. Rolf, Ph.D.

Rolfers work with how your body is relating to the field of gravity. It’s not only about posture, muscles, bones and fascia. It’s about how the innermost muscles relate to the outermost muscles. How the left side of you is balancing against the right side. It’s about balancing the front side of the body against the back. In Structural Integration we are not dealing with local problems. We are dealing with an intent to make the body more secure, more capable of relating to the field of gravity.

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