Thursday, September 27, 2012


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Massage enhances creativity.  There are no ifs, and, or buts about it.  The relaxation stimulates inspiration, because a relaxed mind and body are more receptive to the impulses of creativity than their tense counterparts.  During massages, I've received ideas for columns, new workshops, and new books and mini-books.

If you want more creative people as clients, ask existing creative clients for testimonials about how massage awakens their creativity, during a session and after.  Then, create a brochure on massage and creativity, and target actors, directors and theater companies; dancers, choreographers, and their companies; writers and writer groups; painters, sculptors, and art schools; musicians, orchestras, and music schools.  Once you’ve completed the brochure, mail it to the heads of these organizations with a cover letter, saying that massage is a great boon to creative people.  Include your background, letting them know you work with creative people.  At the end of the letter, indicate that you’ll follow up with a phone call in about a week, then do just that.  Then, get ready for some new creative clients.


Cary Bayer was keynote speaker at the 2006 AMTA national convention. Widely known as The Massage Marketing Coach, Cary is a Life Coach; CE provider licensed by NCBTMB and Florida Dept. of Health’s Board of Massage Therapy; and faculty member of Massage Business University, who writes for Massage Today, and AMTA publications in 14 states. His three dozen publications include 12 specifically for massage therapists, plus 2 DVDs, one of which has been translated into Japanese. He’s coached more than 270 LMTs. His 15 CE seminars and webinars—in particular, “Build a $100,000 a Year Massage Business”--are very popular among therapists.

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