Monday, September 24, 2012

Are You Watching Too Much TV? (by Irma Romano)

Are you watching too much television? And if you are maybe you might consider what it is doing to your health.

By the time we are in our sixties many of us will have spent watching fifteen to twenty years of television. For most of us this past time is relaxing and entertaining at best? Television watching puts us in a trance like state. The rapid screen and image change affect the nervous system and is extremely unhealthy to young developing children. So mothers if you’re using your television set as a babysitter think again. The exposure to rapid image succession has been linked to attention deficit disorder a mental dysfunction now affecting millions of children. The exposure to so much electronic devises is an insult to the wellness of kids all over the world. We have television, microwaves, cell phones, and computers exposing them to endless toxicinvisible waves. Prolonged television watching acts like a drug and will shave years off your life.

I use to work in a clinic with a chiropractor that ordered their clients to stay away from watching television until the back pain was better. Sometimes this would take four to six months. Why? Because the nervous system had to rest in order to heal the back pain, long periods of time in front of a television makes you passive and is draining.  Choose your shows wisely and think about how many hours you want to be sitting in front of the set. For me getting rid of the tube was the best thing I ever did. Most shows were a waste of time and money. I now find myself doing things that are productive towards my life and wellbeing. The obesity rate in children is also growing. Spend quality time with your children go for a walk instead of being in separate rooms and watching television. But most of all make sure you are not falling asleep with the TV on.

Unplug from the set more often and live life instead of watching others live life on TV. Do you really want to give away that many years of your life away or would you rather build a life you can be proud of and even retire early or become fit? Do you want to get rid of pain and insomnia? Switch off button is not that far away and if you can’t press on it than try experimenting with not having a television for a while or get rid of your cable and use the money to go on a trip instead. If you’re spending more than a hundred dollars a month on cable than that should pay for a nice vacation at the end of the year.

Most of you are not going to be as extreme as I am by giving away your television set but I seriously do not miss it and have gained a sense of joy from not getting hypnotized at the end of the day. I would rather go for a long walk or start a new hobby now. I spend my time writing and connecting with others. Many clients say they have no time to work out yet how many hours of mind less tube watching are they doing instead? Or they tell me that they don’t like their job and feel stuck. My friend replaced watching television with starting a new business and she is now retired. What are you doing with your time?

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